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Essentials in Solitude

Palazzo Palumbo Fossati, S. Marco, 2597, 30124 Venezia, Italy

19 - 22  January 2023, from 10.00 am to  7.00 Pm; vernissage  January 19th at 6.00 pm


Maxime Alexandre presents his first photographic exhibition, "Tempo," dedicated to the solitude and essentiality of artists compared to elements of the Venetian lagoon. The fog erases the horizon line between sky and water, creating a uniformity from which isolated details emerge. Bricole, paline, or lighthouses, in their individuality, are essential for those who sail, showing the way or providing handholds in the event of drifting. The same function is performed by artists, solitary in their creative universe and essential to memory and our history. "Cinema is a team effort, an ensemble of artists following the direction of the director, like an orchestra with its conductor, and it is to them that I dedicate this exhibition, an interpretation of each of them, solitary in their art but essential to the work, to history, to memory."


Maxime Alexandre wished to emphasize the reference to painting, which he has always used as a reference in his cinematographic work as director of photography, by choosing a print that brought the photographs closer to watercolors, in which sky and water blend together, enhancing the individual elements depicted. Accompanying some of the pictures are the voices of artists and creatives who have been part of Alexandre's artistic journey, including painter Marjane Satrapi, film director Alexandre Aja and architect Filippo Caprioglio. Together with the photo exhibition, Alexandre also presents an art film in which he asks his interlocutors, artists, and creatives to share their vision of time and the moment in which an idea comes to life.

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